Foundations of PE, Fitness & Sport


Foundations of Physical Education, Fitness, and Sport - Syllabus
Lecture Materials
  i WCU, the Major and Advising (ppt)
  - Advisee Self Help Guide, Block Schedule, Year by Year Checklist, PPE Form
  i Ethics (ppt)
  - HPE-TC (health and PE teacher certification) Disposition Policy, NASPE P-12 Code of Ethics,
  Pennsylvania Code of Professional Practice for Educators
   Triangle of Success
  - Part 1 - Quality PE Curriculum and Program (ppt)
  - National PE Standards, Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) Health and PE Standards,
  National Sporting Goods Association 2011 Participation by Total
  - Part 2 - Quality Physical Education Instruction (ppt)
  - ALT-PE Assignment, NASPE Appropriate Practices (2009): Elementary, Middle, High School
  Teaching Styles in PE, Fixing Inappropriate Practices (in-class activity)
  - Part 3 - Quality PE Equipment and Facilities
  i Writing Lesson Plans and Objectives
  - Dept. of Kinesiology Lesson Plan Template, Guide to Writing Objectives
  i Teaching Health Education (ppt)
  - Spice Up Your Lectures: Alternatives to Lectures, Interactive Lecture Ideas, Improving Lectures
  - Health Education Standards: National Standards (long, short), Pennsylvania Standards
  - Health Education Topics: Short List, List
  i Class Management (ppt)
  i History of PE (ppt)
  Lesson Plan Template
  Roundtable Article Discussions
  Observational Analyses
  PE Issues Face Off
blue square Assessments
  white square Study Guide for Midterm and Final
blue square Articles
  white square Planned Obsolescence
  white square Teen Activity Levels in PE
  white square Do Exercise Programs Help Children Stay Fit