:: Promoting Physical Activity/Let's Move Active Schools

Due to the limited instructional time in physical education, it is important to seek additional opportunities for promoting student learning beyond class time.  Several ideas are presented below:



Extending PE Ideas 1

Extending PE Ideas 2

After School Enrichment

AM Fitness Club

Family Fitness Club

Healthful Living Field Day

Mile and Running Club

Reflection Assignment

Sneaker Wall



All Children Exercising Simultaneously (ACES)*

Adventure Race*

Adventure Race PowerPoint*

 Appalachian Trail Program*

Faculty Wellness Day*

How to Make Your PE Program Indispensible*

March Madness Walk-off*

Multi-level Project (Elementary and High School)*

 Energizers/Brain Breaks (WCU presentation), Brain Break
 Corners (PPT), More Brain Breaks, Advoacy Materials for Brain
(file 1, 2 & 3) ^

Energizers from Dr. C

* From Bob Fitzpatrick, NASPE Teacher of the Year
^ From Joe Gallo, Pennsbury PE Teacher